No consultants for tackling at Nebraska

Tony Butler (2) and Spencer Jordan (36) make a tackle during an April 3, 2018 Huskers football practice (KHGI)

Scott Frost is determined to get the Blackshirts back to proper tacking, and he doesn't need any outside help to get there.

"A tackling consultant?" Frost quizzically responded when asked by a member of the media if it was on the table. "They pay us good money to coach. If we don't know what we're doing, then they (Nebraska) probably need a different coach."

Tackling is one of the many things Frost is trying to fix during spring practice. It's on new defensive coordinator Erik Chinander's to–do list, along with installing his 3–4 playbook.

"We talk about playing with the desire to excel, no fear of failure," said Frost. "If you're going to run through a tackle and be aggressive, you're going to miss some until you get good at it."

The subject of tackling was brought into the spotlight last season. As the Blackshirts missed all too often, then Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco placed the blame on a rubgy style tackling technique. Diaco stated the new system was mandated by the Nebraska athletic administration while former defensive coordinator Mark Banker spoke out and said it was actually Riley's decision. Regardless of who's decision it truly was, it's all in the past.

Frost wants his players to embrace their coaches' new ways, and even make some mistakes if need be, to burn it into their muscle memory.

"I want guys to continue to try to make the big hit, the splash play, the impact play, instead of being afraid to go make that play and come into balance, coming to a stop and giving up yards," Frost says.

Nebraska ranked 100th in Division I a season ago with 436.2 yards per game allowed. UCF, Frost's former program, was six spots better. giving up 427.9 yards per game.

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