The Key To A Huskers Victory

Quarterback Tanner Lee on the line of scrimmage verse Rutgers.

When facing competition known for high scoring, time of possession can be crucial to a victory.

In every win for the Huskers this season the teams kept the offense on the field longer compared to their opponents.

This method could be the key to defeating number nine Wisconsin.

Being a team who's scored 21 touchdowns so far this season, this could be a game decided on who gets the ball last.

In The last two meetings between the Huskers and Badgers, each game came down to the final play.

"Their's no doubt about our team and the games I suppose until last week that we've been in and the thing that is evident from our history with Wisconsin is you have to be the team that finishes," head coach Mike Riley said. " You know I mean we had our opportunities with our team here a couple years ago," Riley continued. "To finish that game and didn't do it giving them an opportunity with one more drive to get into position to kick a field goal, and we had the ball with a chance to win it last year and did not do that."

"So it's really about finishing the game at a high level and being able to produce and make plays," Riley stated.

Kick–off between these two teams is set for 7 PM at Memorial stadium on Saturday.

Don't forget the team announced for fans to make it a black out. Come decked out in all black Huskers gear.

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