The Quarterback controversy continues for Big Red

Martinez takes it to the outside in the Red vs. White Spring Game. (KHGI)

Most fans who made the trip to Lincoln for the spring game were primarily focused on one position, the quarterbacks. Tristian Gebbia and Adrian Martinez put on a show combining for six touchdowns and a 49 to nine victory for the red squad. Nebraska players and their head coach Scott Frost were all very pleased with how far along all the quarterbacks have progressed with spring ball.

"I think you got to see all the guys make good plays and that's what's been happening all spring," Frost said. "It was a little tough for the white team probably, because we had more guys on the red team than the white side," he continued.

"So those guys had a little tougher duty, but they all made some good plays today, and they all made some mistakes. I think you can see all four of them are talented kids and with running our offense."

"I had eight or nine drives of different situational plays down in the redzone, greenzone, goal line, third and long, third and 10, third and medium, third and short," Gebbia explained. "You know all those kinds of things that you never stop working at as a quarterback and a football player and it's going to be really good to have on film," Gebbia stated.

"We're running the stuff we ran during the spring," Martinez said. "I think that obviously the opportunities for me to make plays was there and also I think I made a few mistakes," Martinez explained. "But you know I would say it's similar to how I performed in the spring for sure."

Fans should not expect a starter to be named anytime soon, Frost also said he wants to continue this quarterback battle into fall practice. Regardless this will be Nebraska's third straight year having a new QB one when they kick–off this season.

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