HC Football Hopes to Continue Progress on the Road

Handoff HC.PNG

When your favorite team is away on the road it can be a downer for the fans.

To some players and coaches it can be a killer in motivation and excitement not playing to home field advantage.

But for coach harper and the Hastings College Broncos spending the next two games away after two dominating wins at home is no problem.

The team has seen some big progress in their last two games, improving to 5–1 and staying amongst the top of the NAIA in the run game and pass defense.

They expect no less while traveling to face Dordt on Saturday.

"We've already done it twice," head coach Tony Harper said. "You know we're going to a place that we're familiar with this weekend, we're staying in Sioux City, then we'll drive up Saturday morning to Sioux Center," Harper continued.

"We dont really have to think about that," Harper stated. "I know some coaches do, but we got a veteran group here, so we don't really have to mention a lot of that. They know where we're at and what we got to do."

The Broncos kick–off against Dordt at 1:00PM, they'll then travel to Morningside College in week eight.

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