UNK, Washburn need ground game to click

UNK defensive coordinator Scott Lewis (left) and head coach Josh Lynn (right) watch on as Lewis calls in the defense, Sept. 16, 2017 (KHGI)

Points have been pretty hard to come by for UNK football.

The Lopers have three offensive touchdowns through three games and have gone five quarters without finding the end zone.

UNK ranks last in scoring and total yardage among MIAA teams.

"We know what to do it's just a matter of getting it done," said running back Thomas Russell.

The Lopers are averaging 9 points per game and fewer than 200 total yards.

To provide some context, the second to last team in the MIAA in total yardage, Missouri Southern, averages 296.

"We've set ourselves up multiple times to make those plays and put ourselves in good field position but either a penalty or a missed block that didn't get us to the end zone," Russell says.

The key to revving up the offense lies between the trenches.

"We've got to be more physical up front," head coach Josh Lynn stated. "From what we do we have to run the football and we haven't done that the last two weeks. We've got to really establish a running game and start working everything in between the tackles and open everything up."

UNK's opponent on Saturday, Washburn is third in the MIAA in points allowed. The Ichabods surrender, on average, 14 points per game.

There may be some tough sledding for the offense in the early goings, but man, the defense continues to impress.

Even with the Emporia State debacle, the Lopers are giving up less than 340 yards on average.

And as far as rushing goes – UNK ranks 5th in DII – opponents only scoring two touchdowns and 58.7 yards.

Those numbers are counter–intuitive to what Washburn hopes to do. In three games, the 'Bods have rushed the ball for 564 yards at 5.3 ypc. Throwing has not been as successful for WU, completing 56.5% of their passes for 402 yards. If they do throw it, tight end Jace Williams looks to be the biggest red zone threat. He's got two touchdowns on 11 catches for the 'Bods.

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