Cattle and Cornhuskers: Regent praises AD pick

Bill Moos was announced as Husker Director of Athletics on October 15, 2017 (NTV News)

Nebraska's known for its football and its beef, and University leaders hope that's a winning combination, calling the new athletic director a “special fit.”

Paul Kenney of the Board of Regents says the new AD Bill Moos is a cattle guy just like he is, but maybe more importantly, he's a winner.

It’s safe to say in Nebraska that the football coach and athletic director are the two most prominent University employees.

So it's no surprise the Board of Regents was listening in Sunday as Bill Moos was announced as the Husker Director of Athletics.

For Regent Paul Kenney of Amherst, a farmer and rancher, this is a choice he can related to because Moos also is a rancher.

Kenney said, “I think we're really excited, or I'm really excited about it. An ag guy that's had a lot of success in the past. Being a cow guy myself, this guy is really going to understand Nebraska values.”

Kenney calls is a special fit, saying Nebraskans will like what they see from Moos and not just the ranching background, but Kenney said he's impressed with the winning track record.

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