Danger Coach Mark Stoute Reflects the Death of Carl Sims

Sims huddles up with the Danger offense in the 2017 season.

Last Sunday the Indoor Football League community suffered a tragic loss, losing 31 year old Carl Sims in a deadly shooting.

No Stranger in the IFL, Sims is the second all time leader in career receiving yards, racking up more than 5,000 in the league.

The Western Illinois grad also Sits third in touchdown catches, reeling in 111.

Sims played on several teams in the IFL including the Nebraska Danger for the final eight games of the 2017 season.

Small world the new Nebraska Danger coach Mark Stoute coached Sims while leading the Cedar Rapids in 2013.

One of the most talented players in the IFL, he says he'll never forget.

"You know when I first heard about it it was more of wanting to know what happened," Stoute said. "What were the details and how did it happen," Stoute continued. "Then after awhile when it kind of sunk in, I kind of sit back and let it digest little bit you know I could still hear his voice and I could still see his face. Funny he got released by Nebraska about three or four days before I took the job as the head coach."

Stoute recalls Sims always being the player to step up and loved the game of football with his team.

"Crunch time, he was always that guy to come over to me and say hey coach don't worry about the play just throw the ball to me and I'll take care of it," Stoute stated. "That was always his thing, he was one of those kids who when the chips were on the line he was that guy who wanted to step up and he made several big plays for us and me as a coach, so I'll always remember that part of him."

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