Frost discusses Nebraska opening

Central Florida Head Coach Scott Frost stands with his team in the tunnel at Spectrum Stadium. (WFTV)

It didn't take long for the Scott Frost rumor mill to get going. Pick almost any website dedicated to college football, and you're bound to find at least one report claiming that Frost to Nebraska is a "done deal." In the meantime, we do know this for sure, he is still at the moment the coach at Central Florida.

Frost met the media today to preview UCF's appearance in the American Athletic Conference championship game. However, that turned into mostly a question and answer session about his interest in the Huskers opening. The native Nebraskan didn't issue a flat out denial, but he was very picky with his choice of words describing just how difficult a decision like this will be.

"I know it would be really hard to leave this team because of how much love I have for these group of guys and how much effort they've given us," Frost said Monday. " All I'm going to do is go back to my office and watch some film. This shouldn't be about me. I know the questions are going to come, but these guys have earned the right to have the conversation be about them and the game they won on Friday."

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