Hastings family names 4 children after U.S. Presidents, with another on the way

Hastings family names all four children after U.S. Presidents

Baby names are something many soon-to-be parents are often indecisive about, but for one Hastings family, this decision may be a little easier than for others.

This family has named all four of their children after former United States presidents.

Meet the Welch family: Ben, Jenni, Harrison, Lincoln, Raegan and Truman.

With baby number five expected to arrive next Wednesday, the topic of baby names is definitely a subject that's inevitable for the Welch family.

"We thought four would be it, but here we are, but we're really excited to meet our little one," Jenni Welch said.

While many parents draw baby name inspiration from books, the Welches are choosing from presidential history.

"Definitely when you have a math teacher and English teacher to go with the political science theme for your kids for the baby names it's probably a little different. Definitely figuring out the last names and going with that theme was fun for us," Ben Welch said.

The Welch family says this was all a coincidence.

"I came across the name Raegan when I was in college and I really liked it and we've never found out gender, we've always had to have two names and we liked the name Harrison and then we realized we accidentally kind of picked out two presidential names and then from there it became sort of a thing,” Jenni said.

However, the Welch family says they never tell anyone their choice. They don’t even tell grandma.

Their children say they love it because of all the compliments they get.

"They all think it’s really special that a family could all have names after presidents,” said the oldest of four, Harrison Welch.

The Welches say they hope their children learn to appreciate their name and eventually learn the history.

"Eventually they'll learn more about these people and their stories and stuff," Jenni Welch.

The Welches say they don't know whether baby number five is a girl or boy.

While they don't want to reveal the name they're thinking of, they say the name will most likely end with the letter “N."

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