Kearney Board of Education votes to add baseball

School board members confer with one another during the meeting. (July 9, 2018) (KHGI)

Just 5 months after UNK announced they were cutting baseball, a motion was unanimously approved by the Kearney Board of Education to proceed with the process of creating a co-op high school baseball team with Kearney High and Kearney Catholic.

"Kearney has a very strong baseball tradition," said Shawn Eatherton, a baseball advocate. "With the unfortunate loss at UNK it just gives us the opportunity to add high school baseball here."

"It makes us unique as a community that we can take a number of groups of different stakeholders and they can coordinate and work together," School superintendent Kent Edwards told NTV.

Before any games can be played, there is the issue of money. Supporters from KHS and Kearney Catholic must raise 250,000 dollars by September 1st to cover the program start up, and five year costs.

" We had a parents group that was committed towards bringing baseball to the high school," Board of Education President, Alex Straatman said. "They took it upon themselves to go out and raise funds. This allows them the mechanism to go out and raise the money necessary to fund five years of baseball for Kearney."

If they fall short of their goal, the inaugural season would be pushed back to the spring of 2020. School officials also say they don’t for see the baseball team detracting from the success of other spring sports.

" We've had success in our track program and our soccer program," said Edwards. "I look for those to continue to excel at the Class A level. "

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