Preston Hall makes surprise visit to UNK practice

Preston Hall hugs one of his teammates during a break at practice. (August 6, 2018) (KHGI)

UNK stopping their first full practice of fall camp, to welcome Preston Hall back to Foster field.

"I wish I was out here (playing) with all my teammates," Hall told NTV. "At least I'm out here. I wanted to be with them practicing, but it's better than being in bed or in the hospital still."

The Schuyler native suffering an array of injuries after a car crash on July 1st. He awoke a few days later.

" I was really confused at the time. Once everyone was there to explain to me what happened it was ok. I didn't take it very well. Once I understood, I was OK."

Hall spent 32 days in the hospital before being released on Thursday. His determination to make it out to the first day of camp inspired the Lopers.

"If we think we're tired, we look over to him and get motivated by him because he's battling every day and he's doing it for us," said offensive lineman, David Squiers. "So we need to at least put forth that effort for him."

"All of our players love Preston, he's an incredible young man," Head coach Josh Lynn told NTV. "For him to come out to practice today, the second half of practice was a lot better just because of his presence."

Preston plans to attend every UNK home game this season and cheer on his teammates on the sidelines.

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