Uncertainty under center for Danger

Gary Wilburn (7) and Moses Skillon (right) look at a play sheet on May 1, 2018 during a Nebraska Danger practice (KHGI)

The Nebraska Danger's future following a great start is quickly turning to an uncertainy after losing their starting quarterback, Damien Fleming, to a season ending injury.

So far the results have been bitter with back–up quarterback Jessie Scroggins under center, going 1–3 in his four games as a starter, forcing the team to add two more quarterbacks to the roster.

Those names are Mosses Skillon, a graduate of Morgan State, who spent a year playing in France for the American International Football League, before starting for the Danger in the first half against the Sioux Falls Storm last week.

Also added to the Danger this week was Gary Wilburn out of Connecticut, who spent a brief portion of his career in the NFL for the Titans as a cornerback.

"Whichever one is the best, then I guess that's what we'll go with," said wide receiver Eric Thomas. "Getting us the ball and making plays, you know those guys have the hardest job on the field, so whenever they can get us the ball to us receivers or running backs we're going to make plays."

Reps with the starters in practice have become a revolving door between these three, but regardless of who takes over, the rest of the offense is confident each player can return the team to its winning days once they develop more cohesion.

"It's a little different having extra guys at quarterback, but they're all good quarterbacks and you know we just got to get a feel for all of them. All three of them are great quarterbacks, but whichever one we can get a feel for and coaches make decisions we'll go from there," Thomas said.

When asking head coach Mark Stoute on the quarterback situation heading into the weekend against the Green Bay Blizzard, Stoute had no comment.

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