Wheat harvest 2/3rd done for one local farmer

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    Across Nebraska wheat harvest is in full swing and farmer Terry Woollen of Alma said he's two thirds the way done.

    "Just shell it with your hands and blow the chaff away and then you've got the kernels," Woollen said.

    He said farmers like him usually get the kernels and bite it.

    However, if the grain is hard and dry its ready to be harvested. But if it’s still soft then it needs more time.

    "We've had some rain delays and hail,” Woollen said.

    With recent severe storms, hail has definitely been a big issue for many folks, but Woollen said he's grateful his wheat didn't get as much damage as other people's.

    "This wheat did not get as much damage but half a mile east of here is where the damage became prevalent. We had two soybean fields that were nearly totally destroyed and those cornfields near them were damaged a good deal. We really won't know until harvest the extent of the damage really is," Woolen said.

    When it comes to commodity prices staying strong this is what he had to say.

    "The wheat price, I don't think will be affected by the tariffs. China isn't a big user of wheat. The wheat supply is going to be plentiful and I think I'm going to sell the wheat as soon as I can, after I get it harvested, because I don't see any room for it to go up or reason for it to increase in price," Woollen said.

    Woollen said his wheat fields will soon be filled with cover crops, and then next year filled with corn.

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