Frost believes having QB coach on staff makes big difference

Scott Frost watches players go through a drill during a spring practice session. (KHGI)

Scott Frost bringing his entire coaching staff from Orlando to Lincoln in the offseason. In his two years at UCF, Frost using Mario Verduzco to coach the quarterbacks a position usually reserved for the offensive coordinator. Troy Walters the OC for the Huskers instead coaches wide receivers. Frost believes having one coach who focuses solely on the quarterback position ensures the starting signal caller is fully prepared for game day.

" I think it makes it easier to have an offensive-minded head coach," said Frost. " I think if it was on the defensive side and you’re trying to do both it’d be a lot. But when we game plan it’s all of us, you know; it’s not just Troy (Walters), it’s not just me, Greg (Austin), and Coach (Sean) Beckton. Several other people have input. That makes it easy, and then we can all just focus on our jobs and come together and collaborate for that. Mario (Verduzco) is as good a quarterback technician as anybody I’ve been around. Troy is great at organizing everything for us, we work really well in tandem with one another."

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