Adams Central boys basketball takes an off-season trip of a lifetime

AC Basketball enjoys time on the exact floor in the Pacers arena doing drills and touring the facility. (KHGI)

Over the summer it's common for high school basketball programs to travel across the region for camps and tournaments, but Adams Central took their off–season training to a whole new level last month, traveling to the basketball capital of the nation for team building.

Taking a three day trip to Indiana, the Patriots had the privilege to explore and train in some of the top basketball facilities in the country.

Those included New Castle, the biggest high school gym in the country, plus Butler University, touring Hinkle Fieldhouse, and the Pacers arena while playing their own drills on the same floor where the teams play.

The boys also got to take a tour of the state's basketball hall of fame, learning about the history of Indiana's legends, and what it will take for them to chase down their dreams and be successful.

"I kind of have two favorites like the Hoosier Huskers Gym that was really cool to play in because you see the movie so many times and you realize wow I'm playing where these guys played," Landon Weber said. "And also the pacer facility, it's just mind bottling how nice the facilities are there and stuff," Weber continued.

"It felt really cool being there in the Pacers gym," Nolan Sughroue said. "Playing at the Hoosiers gym where they shot the movie. It's just unreal."

"At one point I forgot we were playing there," Thomas Hunt stated. "Like I just got done and I was like we really just played where they filmed Hoosiers. It's an amazing movie and crazy stuff all where basketball began, it's just crazy to put that stuff in perspective like that," Hunt continued.

Adams Central finished 15–10 last season, and return all but two players from last year's varsity squad.

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