Friendships built at Sertoma all-star game

Sertoma 8-man all-star practice sees members of the West running through plays on June 13, 2018 at Lloyd Wilson Field in Hastings, Neb. (KHGI)

It's common for football players to develop a brotherhood off the field with their teammates, but for those participating in the annual Sertoma 8–Man All–Star game this weekend, the unity is on a whole new level.

As dozens of the state's best 8–man players descend on Hastings College this weekend, many are forming those gridiron bonds with the same boys they once tried to defeat.

"If we have a good bond going into Saturday then everything will click and it's going to workout nice," said wide receiver Holden Eckhout. "We all get along here pretty well and everyone here knows what their doing. So coach can say a play and we know what to do."

On the West side under the wing of coach Luke Gideon, the men have developed as one with chemistry going beyond the game itself, something they believe this experience is all about and a key to playing their best against the East.

"That definitely helps a lot, because building relationships off the field I mean it makes good communication skills on the field that's a big key in a football game," Daniel Duffy of Kenesaw said.

"Not a selfish game it's about the team and so the more that happens, the more the kids hangout and get together and get to know each other it's not about one individual on this team it's about the team itself," added Gideon.

Other assistants for the West side include Jon Coffey of Blue Hill, Mitch Pfeiffer from Mullen, and Burwell's Mike Max.

The Sertoma All–Star game begins Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at Lloyd Wilson Field.

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