McCallum positions himself for another state run

Cade McCallum works with his putter at the practice green of Riverside Golf Club, April 11, 2018 (KHGI)

Back for his final year representing Islander golf, Cade McCallum is full of potential to compete for a state title, placing top 5 consistently at tournaments this year.

The Islander senior tied for fifth last year at the Class A state tournament, and looks well poised to be in the hunt for a medal again this season.

McCallum is eyeing his best golf at the end of the year and it starts by being clutch with the most important club in his bag – the putter.

"I just think it's kind of the biggest, most over looked aspects of golf," McCallum said. "Everyone wants to go hit drivers all the time and I think just working on your chipping and putting will definitely lower your strokes in the end. Just coming down the stretch in tournaments your short game is what you need to rely on, so I think improving that's going to help."

Setting a new personal record of a 66 (6-under) on April 12 at Lochland Country Club, McCallum and his coach are drawing on his performance in Hastings as further proof of why work on his short game is so critical come May 22 for the first day of the Class A state tournament.

"A lot of people overlook the short game, that 300–yard drive equals as much as that two–foot putt," echoed head coach Jim Jeffries. "It's kind of funny that way in golf, so we try not to overlook the short game and we practice it a lot here on the practice facilities."

The Islanders return to the course on Thursday at the Lincoln Southeast Invitational, but as this entire spring has shown, only if the weather allows.

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