Overton girls on page with coach, motivated for more

Overton head coach Nicole Arp gets on her girls during the FKC semifinal vs. Axtell on Feb. 2, 2017 (NTV News)

The Overton girls are in the midst of their best season since 2013–14.

They're two victories shy of tying the team's win total of 17 games and have two more chances before subdistricts. One of the key reasons for the sudden surge is an adjustment to the system of head coach Nicole Arp.

"They (seniors) have been a huge part of our success this year and just helping the younger girls with the type of style and game that I coach," Arp said.

"This year was a lot better because we knew how the practices were going to be, what she expected of us," added senior Gracie Grote.

These girls have played to a 15–4 record and three of those losses came to Pleasanton, Ravenna and North Platte St. Pat's. Two of them (Ravenna, NPSP) are a class up from the Eagles and all three are owner's of a great season.

Even with said success, some concerns have arisen – primarily, a lack of depth.

"Well we're a small team and we know we have to work hard through every practice so we can stay in shape and hold ourselves accountable and push ourselves all the time," Grote says.

A typical night at the gym sees usually only seven to eight players logging considerable minutes.

"A lot of teams have a lot of girls who go out for the team and we don't. I think that motivates us to show people that we might not have the most, but we have a lot of heart and if we put our mind to it we can win," said Grote.

The Eagles feel they have something to prove and believe that teams in class D1 ignore them at their own peril.

Overton's regular season closes this weekend at home.

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