St. Paul roper eyes back-to-back state titles

Grant Turek lifts a calf while working on his tie down roping at his St. Paul home on June 12, 2018 (KHGI)

St. Paul's Grant Turek once again sits atop the state prep standings in tie down roping after a busy season competing in nearly two–dozen rodeos, and is a couple of good performances shy from winning a second-straight state title.

Now less than 24 hours from the state championships, the junior has prepared himself for what to expect when chasing down over 150 pounds of cattle.

"Well if you got the correct fundamentals everything will go right, and just be able to do it the right way," Turek said.

To be ready for this exciting yet tiring event, Turek starts with a few rope ties on his dummy calf before warming up his horse to chase down the real stock. The early reps help him build a consistency to be a champion behind good timing, strength, and secure tying skills.

"Getting a good start and roping up quick, and getting your calf turned around ready to flank back," said Turek. "All you have to do is just go rope the calf and get off your horse and run down and flank the calf, then you put him in a three–bone cross and hog tie him. Then you put your hands up and you're done."

He makes it sound so simple, and for him, it often seems to be. Turke had many big wins over the last couple months, including rodeos at Burwell, Atkinson, Valentine, and McCook.

The first performance is set for 10 a.m. Thursday and another at 6 p.m.

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