Tom Osborne surprised Frost wasn't candidate for opening 3 years ago

Former Nebraska coach Tom Osborne watches his team warm up before the 1998 Orange Bowl. (KHGI)

Let's wind back the clocks to 3 years ago around this time. Then Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst makes the decision to fire Bo Pelini. He sets out to find the right coach to take the Huskers to the promised land that Bo couldn't quite seem to find. At the current time, Scott Frost was considered a rising star in the coaching ranks. He was the play caller for a high scoring Oregon offensive attack led by Marcus Mariota. During the course of the Nebraska coaching search, Frost heard nothing but crickets from the NU administration. Not an e–mail, phone call, telegram nothing. Eichorst hires Mike Riley and the rest is history. Those close to Frost marveled at how the former Husker QB wasn't even considered for the job back in 2014.

"I was surprised," said former Nebraska Head Coach Tom Osborne. "I thought that somebody with his profile at that point would at least get a phone call or maybe an interview. That's just me. Of course I knew him better than anybody who might have been looking at a coach so I knew what he was made of. I felt at that time that he was the most logical choice 3 years ago but I know that he had some concerns so like he said maybe it's better that this didn't happen until now."

This time around Nebraska didn't waste any time as reports indicate that Frost signed a memorandum of understanding just two days after Riley was fired.

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